Nicholas Nickleback’s Gender of a Lesser God

  1. Gender of a Lesser God

    Gender of a Lesser God

    Part I – The Disposable Male

    Imagine it’s a couple thousand years ago in a fertile valley and there’s a self sufficient village with a stable population of 300 people. Their numbers are even, comprised of 100 men, 100 women and 100 children. A disaster decimates their population (disease, war, famine, whatever). The children all die, only five men are left alive, along with 50 women. The village population has been lowered from 300 to 55.

    With best case scenario of one pregnancy per woman and no infant mortality, 12 months later the village population would be at 105. Repeat another four years the population would be 305, back to its previous level. Now imagine if the adult numbers were reversed, and remaining survivors were five women and 50 men. A year later the village would only have five new births, putting their population at 60. Repeat another four years and the population would be at 80. Add ten more years and the population would only be 130. With half the females surviving, the population could be restored within five years. With only 1/20th of the females surviving, it would take triple that time to replace less than half the original population.

    This is why male chivalry exists. Stripped of morality, it’s purely a biological reset mechanism in the event of calamity. This is why women and children go first into the lifeboats, get out of the burning building first, are not deprived of rations during lean times. 17 million people died in WWI. Almost 100 million died in the 1918 flu pandemic. WWII death were estimated at 60-80 million. Within a thirty year window, almost 200 million prime and/or otherwise healthy people perished. Yet national populations were restored within a generation. From a species survival perspective it’s as if the two wars and flu epidemic never happened.

    One man can impregnate many females in a day, day after day, while a female can only be pregnant once through nine months. This is the source for the disposable male. Reproductively, her uterus is worth more by the nature of its limitations to reproduce quickly. Scarcity drives up value. Men and women know this intuitively, whether they’re conscious of it or not. It’s an understanding pressed home from thousand of years of repeated experiences with population catastrophe. It’s why so many men readily accept the mythology of risking life and limb to slay the dragon in order to save the princess. The dragon is nothing more than an icon for mass death. If a knight fails and dies, then another knight is sent, and another, and so on until the dragon is gone. If all knights fail then the culture will perish.

    In an Old World Culture the needs of the two genders were understood and accepted as natural. She requires assistance during the long gestation and maturation process of child rearing, he requires access to a scarce commodity (her uterus). If she starts mothering young and doesn’t mind two decades of continuous pregnancy, she could deliver 20 or so children in her lifetime. Realistically (statistically) she’ll bear far fewer than that. So each female pregnancy is a unique and rare window for a male to pass along his DNA. This is why rape is biologically viewed so differently between men and women. If a woman is raped there’s the possibility for pregnancy, and one of her few opportunities for mothering is hijacked by a man not of her choosing. If a male is raped by a female he loses no such biological opportunity. His body can replace what’s lost within half an hour. From a female perspective he’s lost nothing, so any violation he perceives is inconsequential.

    Chivalry is innate in every culture, as none have been exempt from calamity. Historically there’s been only two exceptions where chivalry is consciously altered. One is during extreme food shortages, where the children are cut off from resources first as the adults believe they can repopulate when conditions improve. The second is where circumstances become so dire that a male will abandon his own cultural ideology, seeing little to no possibility for favourable conditions being restored. While this includes acts such as abandoning his partner and children, it isn’t limited to such.

    As an example, fragging in the U.S. Army pretty much ended the Vietnam war. The U.S. political, military and financial classes were more than happy to continue the conflict, as they weren’t in harm’s way. But they’d lost control of the bottom of the totem pole in the Army. The enlisted men had enough of a system that was wasting their lives with no obvious benefit to themselves or their families back home. In response, with no other recourse, they literally started killing the system. The U.S. government eventually admitted that a couple hundred fragging cases had occured in the later years of the war, but the numbers were greater and began far sooner than acknowledged.

    The rattlesnake always gives due warning when there’s going to be real trouble, and in Vietnam, fragging was the rattle. The U.S. government couldn’t pull the plug fast enough, as they understood what the rattle meant – a generational death of chivalry. In previous eras, chivalry protected the species from extinction. In today’s world of eight billion people that’s no longer necessary. If chivalry dies today, the first ones in danger are not the women, it’s the upper classes.

    In an Old World Culture there was no money, no land property, and no financial class structure to protect. If anyone were violent, intentionally unproductive or virulently anti-social, the community had no use for them and they’d be cast out. The whole of the community was self-policing, acting in the best interests of the whole. A balance was found to provide for the needs and abilities of both genders, and anything disparate wasn’t tolerated.

    As some societies moved past the bartering stage and into the creation of money, balances changed. In a New World Culture of currency and private property, asset accumulation was now possible. Previously it made no sense to kill 50 buffalo if you could only butcher and bring home two. But now you could kill and butcher 50, sell them, and carry home the currency. What constituted success changed. The man willing to risk debt to buy horses and wagons to bring 50 buffaloes to market had an advantage over the man unwilling to take the risk. The man willing to sail across unknown oceans in search of silver, spices and gold had an advantage over the man unwilling.

    Wealth accumulation has been added to the list of dominant male qualities. Drop Mick Jagger or Donald Trump into an ancient Mongolian village or 1200 AD Apache society, and it’s doubtful they’ll have any luck sleeping with women in their 20s. While the cliche says money is power, the underlying truth is that money is collectible time and energy. Every dollar that exists represents a unit of labour that was performed to create it. Accumulated wealth is a depository of past production, and the more you have, the more you can purchase current or future labour production. It’s possible now to kill a lifetime’s worth of buffalo in a day, and carry that value in a coat pocket. It removes a lot of worry and uncertainty in life if one has access to a pocket like that. Which provides a lot of motivation to gain access.

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    Gender of a Lesser God

    Part II – The Buck Starts Here

    Money represents time, labour and/or energy. Imagine a man who works for an auto manufacturer and he assembles five car engines a week. He doesn’t take one of those engines home as payment for his labour. He can’t cut it up and use the pieces to barter for food, clothing or shelter. But he could take home $1,000 that week in payment for his work. That $1,000 represents his share of the labour that went into creating five car engines. The $1,000 is easy to carry, and easy to break up into smaller pieces so he can buy food, clothing and pay the mortgage. A lawyer on the other hand doesn’t build anything, his salary represents his time. Money is a physical, portable version of someone’s time, labour or energy. Money makes physical energy pliable and transferable. Which makes it easier to steal.

    Erin Pizzey was right when she said feminism wasn’t about women’s rights or gender equality, it was about money. There’s a lot of people sharing a lot of money to keep the feminist program afloat, funded by governments, NGOs, private and corporate trusts and personal donations. The personal donations by themselves would sustain nothing, and are a drop in the bucket compared to the other revenue streams. There’s not a lot of discussion as to why so many cash strapped, debt ridden governments would fund, enforce and promote such a decidedly one sided gender construct. Nor is there much discussion about why worldwide governments would be doing this in sync with one another. To understand that, the foundation of money needs to be truly understood, when most often it’s not.

    Outside of need for food, water and sleep, money is our most common denominator. Most have the basic understanding, that if you spend more than you have, you’re in debt. If you have more than you spend, you have savings. Most use their personal understanding of how money works and apply it to government. If they spend more than they tax, they’ll have a deficit. If they tax more than they spend, they’ll have a surplus. This is a grand lie.

    How money is created, who creates it, and where it ends up, is never discussed in the MSM or taught in the education system. The topic is a black hole. A cornerstone of our society is misunderstood by 95% of the population. This is important with regards to the women’s movement, men’s movement, civil rights, etc. The topic may seem boring, but it’s relevant to every social construct.

    Central banks create and control currency (paper and electronic). Governments do not set monetary policy, they do not control interest rates, they do not control currency availability (inflation and deflation). As you are to your local bank, governments are to central banks. The majority of central banks in the world are private corporations, including the Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of England (the maestro), European Central Bank, Vatican Bank, Bank of Canada, all central banks of Commonwealth countries, Central Bank of Russia and the People’s Bank of China (yes). They are not a part of their respective governments, they are for-profit companies. These private central banks operate under the direction of one larger entity, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).

    Pretend you and I are the only two people on a deserted island and I’m the central bank. We’re starting from scratch and as of yet, no money exists. You borrow $1,000 from me as a one year loan at 10% interest, so I print up $1,000 and give it to you. In 12 months the loan’s due and you’ll owe me $1,100. I created the $1,000 in currency for your loan, but I did not create the $100 needed to pay the interest charge. You cannot pay off the interest debt because that money does not exist. As the central bank, I will not create interest currency. It’s impossible now for you to get out of my debt.

    As you might borrow from a local bank, government borrows from its central bank. There’s no fiscal policy a government can undertake in order to become debt free. It’s an impossibility as long as a private central bank is in charge of creating currency. The greater a nation’s debt to the central bank, the more control it has over that government. This national subjugation is by design.

    Central banks do not give money away for free. All currency that’s in circulation exists because it was originally borrowed. As every loan must be repaid, every dollar in circulation is due back to the central bank of origin. For the owners of that central bank, every dollar created is a dollar’s profit. The more they lend, the more money’s created. The more that’s created, the richer they become. They own every bill in circulation, plus the interest which doesn’t exist. Which means we must keep borrowing today to cover yesterday’s interest. Our taxes are not the engine which runs the government, taxation is the method of collecting and repaying debt to the central bank. The government borrows anew to run itself. Often the interest is “repaid” through privatization; meaning, governments put public facilities and utilities on the auction block, and sell them below market value to various corporations which are controlled by the same people who are creating the currency. The IMF is the global auction house for BIS clients.

    This isn’t a new game, it’s been around for thousands of years. In the U.S., the nation’s founders understood how the Bank of England operated, so they stipulated in their Constitution that only Congress had the right to create money. This was altered with the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, giving the Federal Reserve Bank exclusive rights to create U.S. currency. Before 1913, the U.S. had an army, navy, roads, bridges, schools, police departments, fire departments, hospitals and a functioning government, all without income taxes, corporate taxes or sales taxes. Congress created the money, the government spent it, and there was no need to tax citizens to pay back any debt. After 1913, the U.S. government has had to borrow their money from a private central bank, and so imposed personal, corporate and sales taxes in order to collect the funds to pay back their debt to the Federal Reserve.

    The New World Culture of asset accumulation takes on a whole new perspective. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are not among the top 50 richest Americans, let alone the top 50 in the world. The monetary capital available to the finance groups which control the central banks is every dollar, euro, peso, yen, ruble, renminbi that exists. They have a lot at stake and a lot to lose, so Job #1 is to create as many buffers between themselves and the public as possible. A national hierarchy is so:

    • central banking families
    • intelligence agencies (NSA, CIA, MI5, CSIS, ASIS, GRU, Mossad, etc.)
    • monarchy (if applicable)
    • federal government
    • the military
    • the police
    • you

    With an honest civil war, revolution or military coup, angered rebels often make the mistake of targeting the government. By choosing to fight a middle manager, the real power remains buffered and protected until the anger is spent. Then the financiers quietly seize control again and its business as usual. Twenty years later the average citizen is left wondering why the revolution didn’t change a thing. With a dishonest action, the rebels are financed by the bankers themselves, selecting a violent change in government because the current political body isn’t doing what it’s told. Some elected presidents act under the mistaken assumption that they’re in charge.

    To affect any real change (social or otherwise), it’s necessary to understand the true scope of the playing field, who the players are, and what the other players are trying to accomplish. Whether it’s understood or not, the game and its rules are defined by those who create the money. They rig the rules in their favour. They will change the rules without notice as it suits them. They will not tell when the rules have changed. These are the people funding and directing the global feminist movement.

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    Gender of a Lesser God

    Part III – Bastille Day

    In an Old World Culture, if male chivalry died, the women were in trouble, abandoned and left to fend for themselves. This gave women a certain incentive not to push their men too far. In a New World Culture, if chivalry dies, the upper classes are in trouble. Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.” Do good, live right, be honourable, defend and protect the weak; the messages of religion and chivalry are interchangeable. Whether through God (heaven) or a fertile uterus (passing along DNA), both offer the promise of everlasting life. The ideal allows the deity to survive. Should the ideal die, there’s no longer a reason to tolerate the inequities that accompany the promise. As the French nobility once found out.

    Women don’t lead revolutions, men do. Women don’t storm Bastilles, men do. For a truly global hegemon to exist, the knight’s sword must be taken from his hands (gun control) and he must be brought to kneel for the greater good (enforced chivalry). The infinite spigot of capital available to the banking families was turned to funding the women’s rights movement, and it was exercised simultaneously worldwide. They are essentially legislating chivalry as legal policy. A man’s willingness to protect and provide are no longer an option dependent upon his treatment. Do or die, sink or swim, he will now accept his chivalrous duty as mandatory. They say by his nature he’s said not to be trusted. The message is that he’s inherently violent, therefore justifying the removal of his weapons and financial independence. This is not being done to protect women, but to protect the money. This is divide and conquer, adding women as another buffer between those at the top and the men at the bottom.

    Two events of note. In 1961 John F. Kennedy signed the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women, legitimizing feminism as official U.S. policy. The second is the death of the gold standard, going back to the 1930s. It used to be paper money was just an easier way to carry around gold or silver. If you look at older Canadian or U.S. currency, the bills had written on them, “WILL PAY TO BEARER ON DEMAND.” The “PAY” was gold. Banks had to keep a percentage of gold or silver on hand in accordance with the amount of paper currency in circulation, as any paper currency could be redeemed for its true gold value at any time.

    The problem with this system was every time the central banks wished to expand the money supply, they had to find more gold to represent it. Removing the gold standard removed all limitations to the money supply (hello inflation). The more money that’s created and loaned out, the richer the banking cartels become. It’s not a coincidence that less than a generation after the demise of the gold standard, Western women entered the work force en masse. Women’s Lib really wasn’t about sexual liberation, it was about the liberated money laws being used to claim a stake to her labours as well as men’s.

    Kennedy’s commission (the whole women’s movement eventually) was set-up to take advantage of the opened money supply. What better way to convince women to grind out a tax-skimming forty hour work week than tell her she’s been oppressed and held back. Some new appliances and her own convertible were all it took to get her on board. Shaving men in family court was just gravy to make her oppression visible. There’s nothing like a bribe to go along with the carrot. You’ve come a long way baby.

    The timing of it all was impeccable, as the need for masculinity was already waning. There are no more virgin oceans to cross, no new lands to discover, no new tribes to find. There’s no need for slaying dangerous animals to put food on the table. The wildest waters and tallest mountains are no obstacle, the largest trees fall and deepest gems are unearthed. Travel is safe and easy, food is plentiful, homes are warm and dry while doctors, physiatrists and personal fitness trainers remain on standby to balm our wounds and stretch our hamstrings. By virtue of refrigeration, indoor plumbing and toothpaste, our dog walkers live better lives than a king did 500 years ago. This planet is now a climate controlled subdivision of bungalows, with fruit trees in front and a hot tub out back.

    The plan for now is to keep it that way. There’s nothing to see or do anymore, so take a seat. Don’t rock the boat, accept your fate, acknowledge your true nature, hand in your weapons and do what’s best for everyone. Just keep laying asphalt, roofing houses, mining for coal and rebuilding transmissions, the gender equivalents of cooking, cleaning and ironing. We’ll call if we need you to die for your country.

    Jesus preached for three years and the rabbis did nothing. He threw the bankers out of the temple and they had him crucified within days. Tough to fool Christ, he was looking to pick a fight and he knew who was in charge. If you must have an enemy then know them. You can’t win if don’t know the rules of the game. You can’t win if you don’t know what they’re defending. They will burn this planet to the ground before they give up what they have. Remember this when you approach governments for funding and legislation. Ask them for money to help, take it when they offer. Ask for legislation, thank them when they sign it. They don’t care if men and women get along or not, they just want assurance that the Bastille is safe. Convince them it’s in their best interest too that harmony and equity be found for all. Chivalry is knowing what price is worth paying to ensure the species doesn’t disappear.


    1) Bank of Canada Act (ownership 17.2)

    2) San Francisco Fed admits it’s a private corporation, pay dividends

    3) House of Lords finds $15 trillion transfer through the Royal Bank of Scotland

    4) Female Activists Meet the Hierarchy

    5) Pentagon Preparing for Mass Civil Breakdown

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