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Gallup reports that 49% of Yanks don’t trust their government, then whistles past the graveyard

This post will summarize public distrust of the USA regime.

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Henry Hazlitt’s claims about economics

I don’t like podcasts. I like essays. Take your time, prepare your thoughts in an organized format, and write those organized thoughts down where other people can benefit from them. Today I found an interminable, rambling podcast about anarchy, minarchy, … Continue reading

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NLP, PUA, JWN – Let me tell you why that’s rubbish

I don’t want to give the impression that every single writer who makes claims about hypnosis is talking sheer tommyrot. Just about 99% of them are. The rest deserve a respectful hearing. But unfortunately 99% of the self-appointed authorities on … Continue reading

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Rooshbag didn’t get as much sex as he claimed

Via: I was interested to read:

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They Were White and They Were Slaves

White people often forget that slavery existed prior to 1800, and that sometimes white people were enslaved by whites or non-whites!

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