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Nostalgia Goggles – or, why the Manosphere ought to step up its scholarly description of age at first marriage

Nostalgia goggles are more dangerous than beer goggles.

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The bondage fan service of Rackage doesn’t broaden our horizons, doesn’t make us better people, and doesn’t come in clearly enough

“The cable TV sex channels don’t broaden our horizons, they don’t make us better people, and they don’t come in clearly enough.” -Bill Maher

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Thor’s Day Link-ning Storm (crash, rumble, rumble)

“It should be against the law to break the law. Unfortunately, it is not. In early 21st-century America, a dirty little secret still exists among public officials, politicians, judges, prosecutors, and the police. The government, federal, state, and local, is … Continue reading

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Framing the Distributist debate in HTML (and perhaps getting some pushback to Going Our Own Ways)

It’s kind of funny how our old habits hold us back in counterproductive paradigms. For example, Quintus Curtius recently wrote: Frame.  Frame.  Frame. I wish I could write it larger than that.  FRAME. Well, if you use HTML tags, you … Continue reading

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[Updateable] The crony-capitalist Deep State and the [Potemkin?] distributist subsidiarity paradigm

Luther Burgsvik wrote: You remarked in another post that you thought high house prices were one of the factors that were discouraging young men from starting families, do you know anyone who has got some idea on how to remedy … Continue reading

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