Cocaine Import Army


Affidavit by Peter Dale Scott, Ph.D. Continue reading

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Dave Hodges reports DEA corruption

The following is quoted from Dave Hodges’ report:

‘There are many good people, who are loyal to the United States, who work for the DrugEnforcement Agency. However, the DEA, as an entity is both complicit in the fall of this country and will be active participants in the process. Continue reading

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The case of how 37-year-old cop Joseph Weekley lethally shot 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Ex-Army posts a lot of stuff about how African-Americans behave badly. I don’t know. I’m not there. I don’t know what the USA is like.


Update: Ex-Army writes:

Just about any government has totalitarian tendencies. It’s human nature. But governments that preside over halfway civilized people have to come up with reasons to move towards totalitarianism that are fairly acceptable to those people. And what better way to convince the populace that we need brutal, militarized police than to cultivate a violent, lawless underclass that seems torequire suppression by such police? Such an underclass is easy to create. Just put people on a few generations of welfare, with bonuses for any any all forms of dysfunctional behavior and lifestyle, with bigger bonuses for having illegitimate kids. Then make it as hard as possible for good, honest cops to keep order in the underclass neighborhoods by doing everything you can to avoid seriously punishing lawbreakers once the cops have caught them. Then have the whole MAG (Media, Academia, Government) constantly telling members of that underclass, especially the nonWhite and immigrant parts of it, that none of their problems are their fault, but are caused by other people, especially White people, and that rioting and looting are “understandable.” And add that because of racism, the underclass can’t hope to get ahead, and might as well stay on welfare and commit whatever crimes seem appropriate to the situation.
Do all that, and then try to recruit good, honest cops. A vicious circle, brought to you by generations of smarmy, know-it-all, White liberals.

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All along the manosphere

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No one can predict how quickly the USA will lose its current influence over other countries, because no one knows which physical constraints will turn out to be important.


Various outposts have been speculating on how the world will be re-made when the US Dollar vanishes in a spurt of Ebola. Continue reading

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Don’t just expose your pot belly; rock the pot belly.

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There are very few ugly Ukrainian women, but they do exist

Just for reference, this is what most of the world imagines when the words “Ukrainian woman” are spoken:

So, when people from outside the Ukraine express concern regarding the Ukrainian war, it’s mostly because we’re worried about the planet’s supply of pale supermodels. Pretty white women are hard to find!

Recently, the news media have published some photographs of some Ukrainian women fighting in the current hostilities.



These fighters in the field certainly make war seem less glamorous.


By contrast, the young, well-presented female soldiers that have been publicized in some Asian media seem to be a propaganda opportunity:

There is no profound geopolitical insight here, just a reminder that women come in various shapes and sizes, and media depictions of women are not a complete and accurate picture of reality.

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