Chris Martenson explains how the Federal Reserve will kill the USA’s military “sinews”

Nervos belli, pecuniam.

Endless money forms the sinews of war.

Chris Martenson wrote:

At this point, based on Yellen’s testimony, I think it’s time to say what everybody is already thinking: the Fed Chairwoman is literally displaying psychopathic tendencies by blaming her victims. I’m serious: if the Fed were an individual, we’d have no problem identifying its behaviors in psychologically pathological terms. Continue reading

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Cocaine Import Army


Affidavit by Peter Dale Scott, Ph.D. Continue reading

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Dave Hodges reports DEA corruption

The following is quoted from Dave Hodges’ report:

‘There are many good people, who are loyal to the United States, who work for the DrugEnforcement Agency. However, the DEA, as an entity is both complicit in the fall of this country and will be active participants in the process. Continue reading

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The collapse of complex zerohedging

USA war machine screw-ups:

USA social decay:

War mongering:

Cracks appear in foreign alliances:

Abuse of public power for private gain:

Bureaucratic melt-ups:

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Fantasy magic, aesthetic occultism, and paranormal science (as seen from a videogamer’s perspective)

Since the following includes comments on video games, be reminded:


Now then – some self-proclaimed “Christians” are running their mouths. Possibly their brains might have slipped out of gear.

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We don’t follow all the news from the western world, while there is a war right outside our border, you know.

While the obnoxious Yankees are whining about Gamergate this and Sarkessian that, the Poles are developing dark and gritty games, inspired by actual killing, not by leftist navel-gazing.


Consider the following quote:

gamona: Your trailer hit the internet just a few days after Anita Sarkeesian had to cancel a speech because of a mass shooting threat. Is this just a coincidence or have you brought forward your announcement?

Jarosław Zieliński: We’ve had no idea about this. We don’t follow all the news from the western world, while there is a war right outside our border, you know.

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Link a healing hand

The United Nations sing this corrosion to me:

Opium blossoms in the graveyard of the USA’s empire:

The USA likes suing others, but doesn’t like getting sued:

The TPP is not your friend:

Fight policy laundering:

I support Diego:

Russia is poised to pick up the pieces:

And Russia had better stay frosty (pun intended):

Japan’s government doesn’t want armed citizens:

Mitch gives two different ideas on what to do when you kill somebody:

The Knight is Erudite:

Toy Soldiers re Grisham:

Ex-Army is on the wrong side of HERstory:

Uncabob has given up on HERstory and gone back to Gebruder Grimm:

Emma gives her story (with one photo):

Luther gives Joseph Aspdin’s story, with one non-photo illustration:

In keeping with my policy of equal criticism for all:

Two excellent pieces at Social Matter:

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The coming dysgenic fall of civilization won’t stop with idiocracy, and I need Luther Burgvik’s link to deliver the main content

Well, this is embarrassing.

I get all dark and heavy and lay out a PDF paper on the inevitable


of civilization and I need Luther Burgsvik to give me a working URL for my major content.

Thanks Luther.

The working link is:

The old post was:

“Idiocracy” is the notion that stupid people could predominate but manage to survive with population centers such as cities.

The fall of civilization might pass through temporary idiocracy – indeed, we might be there already – and then fall further into an uncivilized state.


and via:

Weiss writes at:,%20Volkmar.%20%22The%20Population%20Cycle%20Drives%20Human%20History%20_%20from%20a%20Eugenic%20Phase%20into%20a%20Dysgenic%20Phase%20and%20Eventual%20Collapse.%22%20The%20Journal%20of%20Social,%20Political%20and%20Economic%20Studies%2032%20(2007).pdf

Read the whole thing.

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