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the “hunger lobby” gets its food stamps so long as the farm lobby can have its subsidies. …
As long as they offer a minimum amount of fresh produce, they can then accept EBT payments for the copious amounts of obesity-generating feed on sale in the profit aisle.

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Y’All Need To Find JESUS, Charlotte, then y’all won’t be no harlot!

Return of Queans (yes, that’s a real word in English, meaning ” an impudent or disreputable woman; a prostitute. [from 10th c.] “) recently posted some complaints from one “Charlotte,” who is apparently afraid that she will inevitably be treated like a harlot.

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The urban dimension to the USA’s self-destruction

The USA is destroying itself in many ways.

One neat cross-section of this self-inflicted hara-kiri is the interplay between land owners, lawyers, and land users.

The hidden plutocrats stash a great deal of money in land. Some make money by land speculation.

The lawyers set rules for land use, including wasteful and alienating requirements for excessively wide streets.

The land users (including businesses, state agencies, neighborhood development Hitlerjugend groups, etc.) lick the boots of the land owners and insist on slavish adherence to the detailed codes written by the lawyers.

This process loses money like an arterial puncture wound loses blood. The USA’s once-proud wilderness is crushed beneath sprawl. And the whole thing looks uglier than 20th-century predictions of the mega-metropolis:

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The “open society” has already closed, but women haven’t noticed; When societies are no longer wealthy enough to subsidize sexual decadence, men will get brutal again

Patriarchal monogamy requires a certain degree of authoritarian behavior from married men. Not coincidentally, those who have attacked patriarchal monogamy have often claimed to be attacking authoritarian behavior.

Wikipedia has written about the open society as follows:

Popper defined the open society as one “in which individuals are confronted with personal decisions” as opposed to a “magical or tribal or collectivist society.”[12] Continue reading

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USA tries – without success – to block diplomatic disdain of Israel

Ken Roth wrote:

US is shamefully alone in opposing UN rights council investigation for #Gaza. It passes anyway, 29 to 1; 17 abstain.

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