Control the food, and you control the people – but control the sex, and you destroy European culture

the arguments advanced to justify an explicit U.S. policy now of encouraging a specific universal limit on family size (as distinguished from proposals aimed selectively at welfare recipients and racial groups) center mainly on two propositions:

1) That continued U.S. population growth will inevitably cause a deterioration in the quality of life of this and future generations; this can be described as the ecological position.*

2) That an explicit U.S. policy to encourage or compel smaller family size in the U.S. is necessary to enable our government effectively to encourage or compel developing nations to move in similar directions; this may be termed the international public relations position.

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Sociopaths get more social rewards


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Once Aryan Skynet becomes self-aware, pro-cop sentiments will result

I generally have a very skeptical attitude toward police.

Elusive Wapiti said a lot of things about police at:

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Citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life


The police officer is supposed to supplant Dad, just as Prime Minister displaces King (minister of ministers being more important than first among fathers). The legal theorist is supposed to supplant the backwards mystic traditions that informed old laws. – See more at:

It is the procedures that are the problem. It is the procedures that are getting innocent or addled people killed unnecessarily.

It bothers me that the police would even try to claim that someone’s “failure to comply” is sufficient cause to kill them. It seems that the police should be required to have probable cause that person they are shooting has (1) broken the law; and (2) pose a credible threat to someone. Simply holding an air rifle doesn’t cut it.

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Grammar in the comments: “Your wrong. Deuteronomy clear states …”

*Your You’re
*clear clearly

You *seam to have a problem… seem

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Where does Christianity get its legitimacy from?

Lots of people seem to think that Christianity has some degree of legitimacy.

Where does that legitimacy come from? I think many self-appointed authorities will disagree on the nature and origin of that legitimacy!
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