Abrams, Gillibrand, and a million dollars of “contributions”

Abrams denied a whistleblower the opportunity to file a lawsuit against Goldman Sachs.

Abrams’ specialty was “to examine the causes of wrongful convictions and make recommendations for changes to safeguard against such convictions in the future.”  Abrams did this at a private firm called Davis, Polk, and Wardwell.

Gillibrand put Abrams into a position of power. (Obama rubber-stamped the proposal.)

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand recommended Abrams to fill a judicial vacancy on the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.”

Gillibrand’s biggest “contributors” included Davis, Polk, and Wardwell and Goldman Sachs.  They spent less than a million dollars to get Abrams into a position where Abrams could defend Goldman Sachs from whistleblowers.


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Public Citizen to Google: Don’t Be Evil


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Three Professions from rezzealaux (and some more depth from Michael Church and Luke Eastwood)

Those who work for a living get fulfillment, but don’t get to think.
Those who think for a living get wisdom, but don’t get to speak.
Those who manipulate for a living get power, but don’t get to rest.


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Dampier books, ceremonial magic, and “religio” – a new process theology


Dampier is doing more to advance the writing quality of the manosphere than most of us, so we should support his book.
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Animated GIFs to illustrate news items … these are probably Safe For Work, but … maybe you should make sure no one is watching over your shoulder


Shooting children is illegal, unless you’re an Israeli.


Raising an army designed to ignore the laws of war is illegal, unless you’re the CIA.



Whenever a feminist has a problem, look around and find a man to blame for it.


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Excellent link from Disenchanted Scholar

I found this comment very pithy:

FSK | November 7, 2014 at 11:50 pm
Basically, psychopaths and highly skilled workers are natural enemies. Highly skilled workers don’t like psychopaths, because they prevent them from getting work done. Psychopaths don’t like highly skilled workers, because they have the potential to expose them as a fraud. Continue reading

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Let me tell you why Archdruidical pessimism is hogwash

Recently some self-proclaimed druids were having a mutually-reinforcing emotion-fest. They were selling each other guilt trips and self-righteous poses and faulty climate science.

They were generally having fun in their echo chamber, talking about how things like synchotrons marked the self-destructive evil of the White Man and how they would be much more righteous in the soon-to-come Dances With Smurfs utopia.

And then Ervino Cus came along and harshed their mellow, so their leader had to respond.



the leader of the self-proclaimed druids wrote:

Ervino’s claim is a value judgment, not a statement of fact.

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How many mixed-race people will be as cute as Katya Lischina?

Katya Lischina is famous because she is much more attractive than average.

Also, she’s half Russian and half Japanese, so anime fans circulate a lot of pictures of her.

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William S. Lind speaks to a Traditionalist podcast



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Sometimes Zerohedge really sucks


The specific page at:


sucks hard with a vengeance.

Allow me to explain in detail.
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Patri-Archie-Comics … I don’t like the layout and graphic design, but the art isn’t bad


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