[Updated with grand jury claims] Ferguson might have an associated cover-up

Let’s not jump to conclusions, let’s not start with Made-It-Happen-On-Purpose versus Let-It-Happen-On-Purpose.

Let’s look at some indications of conspiracy in Ferguson. [This post has been updated with analysis and additional claims.]
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Abrams, Gillibrand, and a million dollars of “contributions”

Abrams denied a whistleblower the opportunity to file a lawsuit against Goldman Sachs.

Abrams’ specialty was “to examine the causes of wrongful convictions and make recommendations for changes to safeguard against such convictions in the future.”  Abrams did this at a private firm called Davis, Polk, and Wardwell.

Gillibrand put Abrams into a position of power. (Obama rubber-stamped the proposal.)

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand recommended Abrams to fill a judicial vacancy on the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.”

Gillibrand’s biggest “contributors” included Davis, Polk, and Wardwell and Goldman Sachs.  They spent less than a million dollars to get Abrams into a position where Abrams could defend Goldman Sachs from whistleblowers.


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Public Citizen to Google: Don’t Be Evil


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On the popularity of Shinto rituals in Japan – Memorial services for inanimate objects at Mikoromo-sha shrine

To follow up my post on Japanese magic at:


I note that


shows various pictures of many people participating in a ritual to commemorate tools. Many Westerners, such as Spandrell, have insulted Shinto as an “empty contraption,” a “veneer” over meaninglessness, and a “superstition.”





The photos show many Japanese people who are participating in rituals with a dignity far beyond anything I have encountered from people like Spandrell.
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You had better wear a gas mask if you’re going outside



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A Buddhist counterpoint to Spandrell’s materialist view

Recently, I noted that Spandrell pushes a materialistic metaphysics that can be used to deride all religion as fraud and social coercion.  An article from a Buddhist periodical provides a very different perspective.

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Due to poor time management skills… [probably not very SFW]

I had planned a huge thousand-word post on sodomy.

And I spent too much time reading Ferguson-riot discussions.


Due to my poor time management decisions, I will not be posting my long-awaited anti-sodomy diatribe today.

However, I did find some not-very-safe-for-work stuff… if you’re at work, just wait until you get home, it’s not that amazing. It will still be here for at least a week before I delete it.
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temporary Brony riot post – to be taken down soon

pony riots

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“Praying to the gods never worked very well when you think about it.” -Reiki, hypnotic suggestion, and ceremonial magic

Spandrell has written an off-hand line indicating his general materialism: “Praying to the gods never worked very well when you think about it.”

The nature of the human condition is that neither materialism nor ceremonial magic works very well, from the perspective of any actual human individual‘s experience. (Materialism is considered highly effective by self-appointed assemblies of witch-hunters. Materialism is even better than Catholicism, if you are a mob, and you are determined to execute a witch.)

If materialism really convinced people, then Japan would surely have gotten over its fascination with Reiki, ghosts, and magical talismans.

Even if you are convinced that there are no such things as ghosts, you are faced with the uncomfortable fact that people keep perceiving ghosts. The standard psychological defense is to say that idiots have faulty perception, but materialists are not idiots.

Religions arise in part from social needs; communities want to have a recognizable wedding ritual that differs from a recognizable burial ritual. But religions also arise in response to individual needs: the man who has perceived a ghost needs some metaphysical explanation of his perception.

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A balanced rebuttal

Recently I got a comment that had better writing skills than the article it commented on!

[Update: In fact, I’m going to copy this text to the sticky post in case new readers miss the old post.]
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The MGTOW pictures


I assume that the first picture was designed to be “ironic” by sincere feminists, but it is being used by counter-feminists!


And of course that 1940s Yankee vibe brings in a lot of viewers.

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The circle of conspirators


The picture above should be legible if you click it for the full size.

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